Living a zero waste lifestyle is easy with this list of eco friendly sewing tutorials. They make it simple to swap out single use items with home sewn projects.

Reducing the waste you produce doesn’t have to be complicated. Some quick sewing can replace items you use frequently. Just wash and reuse them.

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Zero Waste Home Sewing

Environmentally friendly sewing projects are items that can be sewn and used in place of single use items that are thrown away. Typically, these items are plastic.

Most waste is produced in the kitchen, so many of the tutorials on this list are meant to reduce waste while grocery shopping and storing food. The elastic bowl covers are one of our most popular sewing projects. They are just as easy to reach for than plastic wrap or zipper bags.

Because the swaps are made of fabric, they are all washable. Just toss them in the washing machine with your laundry or give them a quick wipe down, so they are ready to use again.

Eco Friendly Sewing Projects

All the zero waste sewing project in this list get the stamp of approval for beginners. Each one features step by step instructions and photos of the process. The easiest tutorial is reusable dryer sheets. It only involves a few lines of sewing, and they don’t even have to be straight!

If you want some practice using patterns, check out the reversible grocery bag. It is the same size as a plastic bag from the grocery store, making it an easy swap for shopping.

Reusable makeup remover pads are perfect for practicing top stitching. The elastic bowl covers are a great way to use bias tape for the first time. Since they are round, there is no need to master mitered corners. While these projects are wonderful for using in your own home, they make great gifts too.

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